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3 The Misconceptions of CrossFit

CrossFit has a very bad reputation in way too many people’s minds. Many of those people have never tried it and refuse to because of videos they’ve seen on the Internet or have heard something bad from a friend. Don’t knock it until you try it. Clichéd, I know, but its true!

You can’t judge CrossFit (or anything for that matter) because you saw a “fail” compilation video on YouTube or because Joe Shmo told you it’s bad. Too much of this nonsense goes around and I’m here to correct some of the ridiculous misconceptions of Crossfit.

1.) It’s Dangerous

CrossFit is not dangerous!

I repeat CrossFit is not dangerous!

Again I will repeat: CrossFit. Is. Not. Dangerous. If someone tries to tell you it’s dangerous they are ignorant, stubborn and most likely biased. If they are a personal trainer or someone in another fitness field then they’re probably trying to sell you their product. Of course they’re going to bash their competition.

Let’s pretend I’m a Chevy salesman. I’m going to tell you that Fords blow up as soon as you start them. “No, seriously trust me I’m a professional, Fords are super dangerous.” “Yeah, your brother got super-jacked, tan and handsome driving that Ford, but just trust me, Fords suck and blow up all the time.”

See, it sounds pretty dumb when you switch the words around a little. The proof is in the pudding, sunshine.

“Oh your cousin’s aunt’s boyfriend’s friend got hurt doing CrossFit? Well your cousin’s aunt’s boyfriend’s friend might go to a shitty CrossFit gym with bad coaching.” As a professional in the fitness industry, trust me, I’m not the biggest fan of how CrossFit allows their coaches such liberty with their Level 1 standards. A lot of people argue that. But at the same time you can do the same thing to become a certified personal trainer. Study your ass off for a month, pass a test and forget everything.

However, when was the last time you heard someone profess personal training to be dangerous? Probably never. If you teach little Billy to throw a baseball the complete wrong way when he’s 8, by the time he’s 12 he will probably have shoulder or elbow problems. Teaching anyone to move incorrectly when it involves the body can hurt them.

Another thing to do is check your ego at the door. It’s easy to hurt yourself because you will be trying things you physically can’t do. That’s how you get hurt. However, because you took an extra scoop of pre-workout you say screw it and try it. Remember your cousin’s aunt’s boyfriend’s friend that got hurt doing CrossFit? How about you go ask him how he got hurt. Oh he tried deadlifting 450 pounds to break the gym deadlift record when the most he’s ever done is 400? Guess what, he didn’t get hurt doing CrossFit, he got hurt being a dumbass. This goes back to his bad coaches who should’ve never let him try that in the first place.

Go to a good CrossFit gym, with good coaches who seriously take the time to teach you the proper technique and you are much less likely to hurt yourself. So please stop believing everything you see on the Internet (except for this of course), research gyms in your area, find a good one and go give it a shot.

2.) It’s a Cult

This one I don’t really get. I mean I guess you see all the Instagram posts, Facebook statuses, excessive Rogue gear and crazy lingo. That doesn’t mean it’s a cult. Rogue gear does have it purposes and functionality for CrossFit workouts, just like a baseball player wearing cleats or a sleeve to keep his elbow warm.

The lingo has its purpose, its part of the gym and helps to increase situational awareness for the athletes. Crossfitters aren’t just a bunch of headless chickens running around in circles with each other saying “WOD, AMRAP, CLEAN AND JERK, PALEO, FRONINGGGG.” All of these words have a purpose and meaning in CrossFit.

If you’re a car person and you’re talking about a double nitros flux carburetor on your floorboard muffler (yes I made that up), I’m going to look at you like you have 5 Goddamn heads.

Also we are all friends first, CrossFit members second, the CrossFit community is the unifying cause. I have made so many friends because of my CrossFit gyms. Not just “oh hey what’s up” friends. I’m talking sit down for half an hour and talk about anything type of friends. How many people are you good friends with because you met them at LA Fitness, Anytime or Planet Fitness? Probably not many. Instead of thinking about CrossFit as a cult, think about a big group of really good friends with one thing in common; the passion for exercise

3.) “That’s too intense!” “I can’t do that its crazy!” “You do what they do on TV?!”

What you see on TV is not what’s going on in CrossFit gyms around the world. Like your pickup game of flag football last week was nowhere near what the Super Bowl looked like. You’re watching professionals when it’s on TV; they train all-day everyday and get tested to their maximum potential at the CrossFit Games. In a regular class you go in, do your squats/deadlifts/cleans, then do your metabolic conditioning to get your heart rate up, and go home.

Yes it is intense, but intense workouts breed intense results.