Best Ab Workouts: Ab Exercises

Looking for the fastest way to a ripped core? Well, there isn’t a single magic trick for obtaining a Six-Pack, however there are very effective ab workouts and ab exercises that can help you get there the fastest.

Having a six-pack is like telling the world that you are fit and committed to a healthy lifestyle.

That you are a hard worker and know how to eat right. It’s your own personal advertisement, not to mention incredibly pleasing to the eyes. If you are shooting for aesthetics, the abdominals are a great place to start. In addition, their functional role is very important as your core takes part in almost every bodybuilding exercise you will perform.

Below are some of the best ab workouts and ab exercises. Focus on technique, perform quality reps and never stop working at your abs. You’ll get there, and the rewards will be far sweeter than the effort it takes. So, let’s get started with Best Barbells’s Best Ab Workouts & Ab Exercises.


The first ab exercise you should be adding to your ab workouts are Landmine 180’s (also known as Russian Twists). These are about as far from your run-of-the-mill sit-ups as you can get. This ab exercise gets its name from the tool that it is performed with.

The landmine is a rotating socket that you can place a rod (barbell) into and put weight plates on one end. You then would grab ahold of the barbell or use optional handle attachments to perform your Landmine 180’s.

The full body rotating motion that goes into this ab exercise is incredibly effective at activating the entire core. It’s also a functional movement that is used in everyday life. Strengthening your ability to move while also being a fun exercise. Alternatively, if you don’t have a landmine, simply use a barbell secured in the corner of a room.


Another great addition to your ab workouts is the plank, because getting the six-pack of your dreams isn’t all about sit-ups and crunches. In fact, one of the things that those exercises lack is anti-extension which is the core supporting itself.

You will be working against your own weight and gravity during your plank. However, you should quickly find that this exercise becomes easy, which leads to longer reps as well as variations that include using 1 arm and 1 leg as well as moving during your plank.


The bottoms up ab exercise is a combination of the reverse crunch as well as the hip raise, which are both great exercises. However, the bottoms up offers a new way to get your ab workouts in, just in case you’re becoming tired of the everyday routine.

You’ll find that this ab exercise will become easy over time, so switch from bent knees to fully extended legs in order to increase the difficulty. You’ll be starting with straight legs and bringing them up to a 90 degree angle. Work on keeping your butt off the ground. Best of all, no equipment is required. So, get to work on that six-pack!

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