Adjustable Dumbbells for Full Body Workouts

Many people with fitness goals have never thought about the possibility of achieving all their goals without having to pay expensive gym membership or stocking their home gym with expensive equipment. But this is possible by the use of adjustable dumbbells which can accord the convenience of a full body workout without the pain of acquiring any expensive equipment. Below is a range of full body exercises that can be achieved with the adjustable dumbbells.


The pectoral muscles are one of the targeted muscles with the adjustable dumbbells and there is variety of exercises to work out the chest muscles. The most common ones are the bench presses which include the inclined, flat or the declined benches. The fly bench is also another variation that is gaining popularity as a new variation of the bench press.


The back contains muscles such as the trapezius, rhomboids as well as the lats. All these have a special connection to the shoulder and the chest muscles implying that any exercise done to the back will have direct impacts to the arms and chest as well. There are a number of workouts that can be used by the adjustable dumbbells to target the back region. Since the back is such a sensitive body part, it is extremely important that you don’t strain the muscles by using too heavy weights. Start slowly and adjust accordingly as your back muscles build the strength and resilience to take up more weight.


The adjustable dumbbells also provide a great way to work out both the lower and the upper limbs. For the upper limbs, the biceps and the triceps are the major targets and different variations of curls can be used to achieve amazing results. Lower limb work outs majorly target the leg muscles and the gluts.


Crunches, leg raises and side bends are some of the popular workouts that are used to target both the lower and upper abdomen regions. All these can be achieved by using adjustable dumbbells but consideration must be taken on the weights chosen to avoid occurrence of injuries.