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Best Home Exercises Without Equipment- Home Workouts Made Easy

Best at Home Workouts

It’s great to have a gym membership or even better, to be able to afford your own equipment like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. However, not everyone has these things, or is at home enough to use them.

This is why Best Barbells wants to share some of our all time favorite at home workout strategies. These home exercises can be performed anywhere and at anytime whether you are watching T.V. at home or in your hotel room, half a world away. There is no equipment needed, only your body. So, let’s get down to business and put together the best at home workout possible.

A List of the Best at Home Workouts

1. Supermans

Targets: Shoulders, Butt and Hips, Back

Step 1 Starting Position:

Lie down flat on your stomach. I recommend a fitness mat for this exercise, but the floor is fine as well.

Extend you legs behind you and your arms in front you.

Point your toes straight back behind you, so that they are parallel to the floor and face the palms of your hands towards each other.

Go ahead and let you neck hang in a comfortable position and try to line up your head with your spinal cord.

Step 2 Performing Supermans (upward phase):

Breathe out and contract your abs and other core muscles so that your spine becomes stable.

Then, in a controlled manner, elevate both of your legs a few inches above the ground.

You should also be lifting your arms upward at the same time so that both your legs and arms are a few inches above the floor and your body is being supported by your core, shoulders and back.

Maintain a straight frame and don’t rotate any part of your body during this exercises, even though it might be tempting.

Also, do your best to not arch your back while you’re performing your supermans.

Step 3 Downward Phase:

With a nice, relaxing breath, slowly let your legs and arms fall back to the floor and assume your starting position without moving the back or hips.

You are now ready for another repetition of this home exercise.

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2. Push-Up

Targets: Chest, Shoulders and Arms

Step 1 Starting Position:

Lie down flat on your stomach with your hands right below your shoulders and you feet stretched out all the way.

Then, with palms flat against the floor, assume a 4 limbed, raised position.

You should be supported by your arms and feet, with a straight back and fully extended limbs.

Step 2 Downward Phase:

Bend downward at the elbows and lower your entire body to the floor.

Don’t let your back bend or rotate your body during this exercise. You should be stiff, like a plank. The only part that is moving are your arms that lower you down and then push you back up.

You should feel this home workout in your butt, thighs, abs and biceps to name a few. This really is a great all around workout which engages a lot of different areas of the body.

You should keep your elbows close to your body during push ups or only a little bit flared out to the sides if that is more comfortable.

Continue doing pushups for as many repetitions as you can before losing your form and stability throughout your arms, back and legs. Quality over quantity is important when doing this home workout.

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3. Contralateral Limb Raises

Target: Shoulders, Back, Hips and Butt

Step 1 Starting Position:

Lie down flat on the floor or your favorite exercise mat.

Extend your arms and legs straight in front and behind you respectively.

Point your toes directly behind you and stretch your fingers forward with your palms facing each other.

Line up your head with your spine to create a strong base to work from.

Step 2 Upward Phase:

Breathe out while tightening your abs and lift one arm up a few inches above the ground.

Do your best to keep everything straight and minimize any twists of your body.

You should be stoic and very controlled in your movements.

Above all else, do not arch your back during this home workout.

Also, do not look up, instead keep your head pointed to the ground.

Hold this position for a moment.

Step 3 Downward Phase:

Breathe in slowly and simultaneously let your arm come back to earth in a controlled manner.

Assume the starting position and once again, minimize movement in the rest of your body.

Main Image Credit: Ben Sutherland

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