Back Workouts for Men – Tips

Have you been reading up on back workouts for men, but can’t find anything that’s working? Maybe it’s because you aren’t taking into account these awesome tips that we’re about to share. Day in and day out you’ve been grinding, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could just change one little thing and instantly see improvements to your everyday workout? Well, that’s why we’re here. Read these 6 easy to do tips and try them out the next time you are performing back exercises. They should jumpstart your back workouts and add that intensity you’ve been lacking. Let’s get started.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #1 – Squeeze

The first Back Workouts for Men Tip is to squeeze your back. Every rep, every set, ever time you do a back workout routine you need to contract your back and hold the squeezing position so that you are specifically working it out. If you are squeezing your back and still can’t feel anything, then you are most likely doing the workout wrong. It may seem obvious, but you need to find your back before you can work it out and a surprising number of people don’t find it right away. So, pay attention to form during your back workouts and make sure you’re squeezing the back tightly during the peak contractions and holding those positions for a second. That is how you add intensity and emphasis to your back exercises.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #2 – See It

You need to “see” your back before you can find it. That is, visualize your back working and see the muscles contracting in your mind. Really. Just close your eyes before doing a rep at the gym and imagine yourself doing the rep. You’ll find that taking some time to think about the exercise will help you find the muscles you want to work more easily. This is along the same lines of the first tip, you need to find and be aware of what you are trying to work during your routine. Your back workouts can’t do it all by themselves, you need to give special attention to the areas you want to grow big.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #3 – Utilize Straps

For the most part, I have to recommend that you don’t use straps. This is because they take away from any forearm workout that may be present. However, if you are having a tough time targeting your back during your routines, then straps are the thing you need. A surprising amount of the time, you can’t properly workout your back due to the fact that your arms are too tired and you are giving up due to fatigue. So, purchase a pair of lifting straps and take off the “weight” from your mind (and more importantly arms), so that you can solely focus on the back, your muscle of emphasis. This will increase back burn and reduce fatigue in the arms. Your local sporting goods store will probably carry them, or you can some online like the ones we linked to on Amazon.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #4 – Less is More

It is a given that we have big egos. We’re bodybuilders- reaching for aesthetic perfection and trying to impress the world at the same time. Don’t allow this big ego of yours to ruin your workout though. We know that you want to use more weight, but Best Barbells has to say that using only the amount of weight that you can be in control of is the better method to improving your back workouts.

If you’re doing some back workouts, but are having to swing your body every time you do them, you are probably using terrible form and aren’t properly targeting your back. Throwing your body just to lift a weight shouldn’t be necessary, and if you are doing that, then you need to lower the amount of weight you are using. Start small, dream big.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #5 – Pre-Exhausting

It’s good to be pumped up before you lift and the method of pre-exhausting has been a thing for quite a while. Your back workouts probably consist of something like deadlifts, rows and pull-ups which target many muscles. So, maybe if you’re not getting the back workout you feel you want, simply doing some more targeted, isolationist reps before you move onto the big stuff will help. For example, try some straight arm pulldowns on a cable machine. Put it into the highest position, palms facing downward, and with arms straight. Then, pull the bar down to your thighs and do about 10-15 reps of this. This pre-exhaust method will help you to tire out your back so that it’s easier to feel the burn in your back during your workout consisting of total body exercises.

Back Workouts for Men Tip #6 – Arm Workouts and Arm Strengthening

This ties back into why straps are important. Your forearms and biceps can limit your overall back workout due to the fact that they often get tired before the rest of your body. The forearms and biceps are utilized during your deadlifts, barbell rows, etc so they are going to get tired. To help this, do some isolationist exercises like these bicep workouts or these forearm workouts. You need to get the rest of your body up to speed if you really want a killer back.

If you can remember these 6 easy tips, you’re on your way to improving your overall fitness and specifically your back. Best Barbells is doing everything we can to help you get massive gains, hopefully you take something positive away from this article. Now, go get lifting!

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