Home Gyms

Why do you need a home gym?(Benefits)

Building a home gym has become popular as it allows you to accommodate your workout into busy schedule of modern life. Building stronger muscles requires a great deal of time. On average, it requires you to exercise 3 or more times each week in the gym. You could always join a fitness club but having gym at home has its own benefits:


If you are a member of fitness club, you are bound by the schedule of the gym and you have to adjust your daily routine according to the gym. With a home gym, you have 24 X 7 accessibility giving you a flexible schedule. Even if you make it to a gym, you may have to wait on equipment for it to be free for use. With home gym, you do not have to wait and hence, you could finish your routine much quicker, saving you lot of time on your hand.


Many researches suggest that people who own gym equipment are more likely to exercise regularly than people who do not. Distance between your home and your gym affect your mind set to exercise regularly. However, if you have gym on your backyard or garage you are eliminating that negative mind set. In addition, while setting home gym you would end up spending a large amount of money. As you would be spending huge amount of money, you will be compelled to use it.

As matter of fact, only most motivated and passionate people will invest money in home gym.


Most people do not perform exercise up to their potential, as they may be self-conscious or shy. This is also an important factor for people not going to the gym regularly. Especially, in the early stages where people are out shape they tend to hold back on amount of weight they could lift, as they fear stranger might judge them if they fail to lift. With home gym, you eliminate the fear of being watched by strangers.


You need to be healthy to exercise regularly and for that healthy environment is necessary. In public gyms, machines and benches are full of bacteria and viruses. However, most gym use antibacterial cleaners but possibility of being 100 percentage clean is not always bright. Often gyms end up spreading this harmful bacteria or virus to other members. With home gym, you are eliminating the chance of such spread of disease.

Cost effectiveness

Cost of fitness club memberships could add month after month. Travel costs and additional services charges could really hit your budget. With home gym, you will save lot of money, which could be uses for nutrition and supplementation.

However, initial cost may seem too high compared to a membership fee but the once gym is set, it is practically free gym membership for life.

A small house gym could be set up using as little as few hundred dollars.