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Best Barbell Weight Sets For Home Use

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A barbell set is something that you might want to consider buying. In a society where everything is becoming automated and instant, the need for physical workout increases.

There is no denying that obesity is one of the many health problems that has plagued this society ever since fast food and technology took over the world. Obesity is attributed to the lack of physical exercise because everything nowadays is instant. Gone are the days when you have to walk for miles because now you can ride cars and motorcycles to get to your destination. Gone are the days when you eat home cooked meals because now you can simply go to a fast food chain and eat. All these changes have contributed to the ever-increasing number of people who are obese.

However, you do not have to be obese before you start worrying about your weight. In fact, even when you are just overweight it might be appropriate that you start thinking about working out. Unfortunately, because most of us are too caught up with work, going to the gym is not an option. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should completely forget about doing some physical activity. When it comes to regular exercise and physical activity, you are not actually required to go to the gym because as long as you have the necessary equipment you can exercise right in the comfort of your own home. One of the most useful gym equipment is the barbell set.

What is a barbell set?

A barbell set is a set of weights. Each barbell has a particular weight and in a set, its weight increases in various increments depending on the type of barbell. Some barbell type, like the hex barbells increases each weight load by about five pounds.

Why is a barbell set important at losing weight?

Experts say that the best way to burn fat is by building muscle mass. One of the best ways to do this is by lifting free weights and barbells are examples of free weights. Continuous repetition of this routine will help build muscle, burn fat, and even speed up your metabolism.

What are the points that have to be considered before buying a barbell set?

The first thing that you need to consider is your purpose for buying a barbell set. Why do you need a barbell set? What do you need it for? Since barbells can be lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight, you need to figure out the purpose of why you are lifting free weights. Depending on your goal, whether you simply want to tone your muscles, build muscles or bulk up there is a specified weight class. Therefore, in order to make your dream a reality you must lift barbells according to the appropriate weight class. This is important because if you continue to lift barbells that are too heavy for you, you might end up with a muscle injury.

The second thing that needs consideration is the grips. Since you will be lifting these barbells often you will have to make sure that you do not end up hurting the palms of your hands and injuring your wrist. Before you purchase a barbell set, take a look at the handles of each barbell. Ideally, it should be padded and ergonomically designed. Padded grips help prevent or reduce the risk of slippage. When you lift weights it is hard not to sweat and sweaty palms can be slippery, padded grips help ensure that the barbells stay in your hands. Ergonomic design is more of a safety feature. This helps prevent wrist injuries.

Third point of consideration is the design. If you have no idea about barbell sets then it might be helpful that you do a little research first. As much as possible you should read articles about the different types of barbell sets. There are three types of barbell sets, the fixed, spinlock, and adjustable. Each of this type has its own pros and cons. Each type also has a specific feature that is designed to set it apart from the rest. It may be a tedious task but scrutinizing each type will surely help you choose the right barbell set for you.

The point of purchasing a barbell set is to help you get started with your regular exercise. It may not be easy at first and the results may not be evident immediately, but keep in mind that the more you use your barbell set, the better the result. Now, if gym is out of the question, think barbell set.

Cheap Barbell Sets

A cheap barbell set can give you a head start to starting a home gym equipment set while still being economical in the process. Bench pressing and dead lifting at home will save you money otherwise spent on an expensive gym membership. If you opt for a cheap barbell set which also happens to be of great quality, it may also be an alternative to upgrading to an Olympic barbell set in the future.

The many kinds of cheap barbell sets on the market may mean that you can end up with a bad one if you don’t know what to look for, though. A barbell is a rather heavy item that can cause injury if used improperly – or if the barbell itself malfunctions because of faulty manufacturing. Just because a barbell set is cheap does not mean it will be good, but if you can find one that has good quality for a cheap price, then all the better.

Parts of a Barbell Set

Barbells today come in many different shapes and sizes to cater to a wide variety of gym goers and people trying out exercise on the weekends. This variety makes it easy finding a kind of cheap barbell set that will suit your fitness needs best, whether it is an Olympic style barbell or something to complete a home gym equipment set.

Common barbell sets are available in two types:

Fixed weight barbells have the weights on both ends of the barbell permanently attached. This style is more typical with smaller barbells with lighter weights, and are designed to be lifted with one arm.

Variable weight barbells allow for the weights on the bar to be swapped out with other weights if the person exercising desires so. Modern variable weight barbells now have clamps that secure the weights to the bar instead of the screws typical of older barbells.

Either of these kinds of barbells can be used depending on your goals in the gym. What you wish to achieve on your body should also affect your decision to go with a certain kind of barbell set.

Barbell Plates

The plates which are attached typically come in increments of five pounds. Fixed weight barbells can come in smaller increments depending on the brand you choose in order to be lifted easily. Beginner gym goes may choose to lift these lighter weights in order to supplement aerobic exercises; this is also done with gym goers who are too busy to go through a complete gym regimen.

Picking out a Cheap Barbell Set

In the sea of cheap barbell sets may lie a great find that will be as economical as well as valuable to your home gym setup. You have to know what to look for, though, or else you will end up with a useless pile of very heavy scrap metal. Here are a few things you should look for when looking at cheap barbell sets:

  • The strength of the bar that holds the weights should be as structurally stable, and as strong as other machines in your home gym equipment setup like your dip station or curl bar. Your barbell bar should never bend, and should handle up to a ton of weight.
  • The grip should also be knurled with a cross hatched pattern in order for a better grip.
  • Smaller fixed bar weights should also come covered in vinyl or another kind of soft material in order to prevent damage to property if dropped or thrown.
  • Revolving sleeves, which rotate along with the bar when lifted, can make lifting weights significantly easier. This accessory can be great for beginner lifters.
  • The plates on the barbell set should be inspected thoroughly if you have the chance. Full iron weights can be of greater quality yet cheaper than rubber coated weights.
  • If you are more serious than a casual lifter when exercising with a barbell, then it might be wiser to spend for bumper plates.

Quality barbells will be apparent when you shop around for them; the bar will feel better in the hand, and will be much safer to operate even without a partner to spot you.

Barbell Set Accessories

Barbell sets don’t only include the bar and the weights; accessories can be added to make them safer and easier to use as well. This can be good for beginners who would like to make their foray into weightlifting a little easier, or for experienced lifters who want to try something new.

  1. A curl bar can be one of these accessories that can help beginners. This is a barbell bar which follows a unique zig-zagged pattern, and is more ergonomic for people to get a grip on than a straight bar.
  2. Revolving sleeves can either come standard on a barbell set, or they can be added on later by the user. These revolving sleeves rotate freely around the barbell bar when lifted, allowing the lifter to carry heavier weights easier.
  3. A set of gym gloves can also be a good way to prevent injury and scarring around the hands, especially when lifting heavier weights. They can also be used when using other kinds of gym equipment, like a Roman chair or a dip station.

Finding a good deal on a cheap barbell set, along with accessories, can help you get the best value out of a home gym.

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