Best Butt Exercises for Women – Benefits


Achieving a healthy, strong and toned butt has its obvious benefits, but you may not be aware that it will also fight gravity as you age and help reverse the natural processes that wear down your body. In addition, the glutes are the largest muscle group you have and affect almost every move that you make with the lower body. So, for joggers, runners and athletes alike- a toned butt can do nothing but improve your performance.

So, how do you achieve a great looking backside? Well, that is easier said than done. In fact, many people live with an unfortunate condition called, “gluteal amnesia”. As the name suggest, many people’s glutes have forgotten how to work… thus becoming “lazy asses”. It is the hours upon hours that we spend in front of computers, on the couch and sitting- doing nothing. Eventually, the glutes stop working as efficiently and allow the hamstrings and lower back muscles to do all the work in hip and femur movement. This is one of the major causes of back, hip and knee pain (not to mention pancake butt).

On the off chance that you are yet unconvinced, we’ve prepared a few more reasons as to why you want to tone your butt. When you’re done, be sure to check out subsequent pages for the “Best Butt Exercises for Women” and get started on your journey to a truly beautiful, toned butt.


It has been scientifically proven that smaller waists sizes and a larger, rounder hip are incredibly attractive to the opposite gender (in most cultures and generations of people). It is said that what makes you look good isn’t your body weight and/or body fat percentage. Instead, it is the proportions and ratios that your body holds. In other words, how your body is shaped. So, if you’re interested in a more attractive figure, a few butt exercises are exactly where you want to start. Increasing the strength and definition of your glutes is a great step towards achieving your aesthetic goals.


Your glutes are sometimes referred to as the “body’s engine”. This is because they are the largest muscle group in the body as well as the one that is activated most frequently during athletic movements. Four of the most prominent actions that the glutes perform are elongating the hips, projecting your leg outwards, adjusting the leg horizontally and bending the pelvis backwards. A strong rear end will improve your athletic performance in everyday motions like jumping, sprinting, squatting and moving side to side. It’s not surprising that one of the best butt exercises for women is the squat, as this is a great exercise which utilizes those very areas of the body and mimics actions like jumping (minus the vertical take-off).


Due to a stronger butt, you can reduce knee and back pain (especially in the lower back). This is because your glutes are the muscle which is responsible for pulling the thighs backwards when you extend your hips. A strong butt will maintain a centered bone position instead of sliding during this motion (the sliding is what causes you pain in your hips). This will also cause your thighs to correctly align over your feet during movements like jumping. To put it simply, it will stop your knees from giving out and moving towards each other. Weak knees that bend inwards will majorly affect how much pain you feel in your joints. A strong set of glutes can prevent this pain.


It is known that women who have low waist to hip ratios have a more regular menstrual cycle as well as more frequent ovulations. It is very likely that increases in hip measurements (taken at their largest point), won’t only make you stand out in a crowd, but also bring about some good news from your doctor. Now, click on to the next page and take the first step in your fitness journey by learning more about the best butt exercises for women.