Best Butt Exercises for Women – Donkey Kick

Here’s another great beginner exercise that is sure to get your booty in shape. This glutes blaster is an easy exercise to perform and can be done without any equipment. So, no excuses! Let’s get to work with another of the best butt exercises for women.


  • 1. Grab your favorite exercise mat and lie it flat on the floor. You’re going to be starting this exercise on all fours. Your palms and knees flat against your training surface and your wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Likewise, your knees should be directly underneath your hips. This is the starting position of your donkey kick.
  • 2. Now, in order to actually perform the “kick” of the donkey kick, you’ll be tightening the abdominals and lifting one of your legs so that your thigh becomes parallel to the floor and your knee is bent with the sole of the foot facing towards the ceiling. Drive your heel into the ceiling, being careful to maintain a bent knee and to not allow your leg to swerve to either side. Your glutes are your hip extenders- so, in order to utilize the donkey kick most effectively, simple extend your hip while doing it.
  • 3. Once you reach the peak of your “kick”, you can slowly bring your leg back down and repeat step 2 with the opposite leg.
  • 4. Perform your donkey kick 10, 15 or 20 times depending on your level of fitness. The important thing is to set a goal and reach it.
  • 5. Track your progress. You can expect tightening of your glutes in just 2-3 weeks!