Best Butt Exercises for Women – Squats

Squats are a great toner and strength builder for your entire body. They work the glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings and even the core muscles. They will help you to become more coordinated (balanced) and even increase your bone density. Let’s get you the perfect form and reach your true potential.

  • 1. Start with your feet slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Your hips should be lined up above your knees with your knees over the ankles. Now, roll back with your shoulders and away from your ears. Your back should round out and relieve any unnecessary stress that may have been placed on your lower back.
  • 2. Reach outward with your arms, making sure they are parallel to the floor. Palms should be facing down. Alternatively you can bend at the elbows and pull them into the body with your palms pointing towards one another and thumbs reaching towards the sky.
  • 3. Start your squat by breathing deeply into the stomach and unlocking your hips. You should also bring the hips back while at the same time bending your knees.
  • 4. Now, stick out your butt, while maintaining an upright chest and shoulders. In addition, make sure that your back is very straight during this exercise. If you are doing it correctly, a straight back will help to activate those core muscles and get you a flat tummy. Maintain a forward facing head position with eyes straight ahead so as to help neutrally align the spine.
  • 5. Allow your hips to squat lower down than your knees do (or as far as your are comfortable with). If you are having problems with form, then a fun trick is to squat down onto a box. Slightly tapping it with your rear as you squat down is a great way to remember to squat low.
  • 6. Make sure to use your abs while breathing out and then simultaneously pushing down through your heels in order to return to your starting position. Use your mind to picture your feet spreading the floor (left foot towards the left, right foot towards the right), but don’t actually do it. This is just a good way to understand how to flex your muscles while standing up.


Video and main image from womensworkoutchannel