Best Calf Muscle Exercises – Smith Machine Calf Raise

Smith Machine Calf Raise

There are a lot of different smith machine workouts and exercises that you can perform with it. For example, this piece of exercise equipment can also help you perform deadlifts. But, today Best Barbells is going to be continuing our Best Calf Muscle Exercises series with the Smith Machine Calf Raise. The Smith Machine Calf Raise is a strength building workout for your calf. It is an isolationist exercise and quite easy to perform. It requires a smith machine as well as a barbell which you will be holding during the exercise. So, let’s get started with our smith machine workouts.

Smith Machine Calf Raise – Step by Step

1. You will need a platform to stand on during your calf raises. Put some weight plates or a small block/platform underneath the barbell on the Smith Machine. Adjust the barbell so that is rests at your height and when you are ready, the bar is loaded and you have stepped up onto the platform you created, then it is time to get onto the balls of your feet and take hold of the barbell. Grab the barbell and put it behind your head, resting on the backs of your shoulders.

2. Now, with both hands, forward facing, on the bar rotate the barbell so that it comes unracked. You are now in the start position.

3. Lift your heels up as high as you can by forcing your weight down into the balls of your feet and pushing up. Be sure to flex and contract your calf when you reach the peak your calf muscle exercises. Make sure to keep straight knees and don’t bend at all. Hold your calves in the flex position for a second before returning to the beginning position. (Flex your calves hard, the more your flex, the more you’ll get out of your calf muscle exercises)

4. Be sure to slowly lower your body back into the start position, breathing out as the heels come down.

5. That’s it! Perform your recommended number of repetitions and watch as your legs become sharpened masses of muscle.

Pro Tip: You’re almost guaranteed to feel an intense burn in your calves. However, if you ever want to change up this exercise, try different foot placements. For example narrow, wide and with your toes pointed inward/outward.

Best Smith Calf Muscle Exercises – Instructional Video

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