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Best Curl Bars

Curl bars can make your time with an Olympic barbell set much easier, especially if you are a beginner. Designed to be more ergonomically correct than a straight barbell bar, a curl bar can allow even novice weight lifters to lift heavier weights early on. That’s not to say you should try lifting up weights that are heavier than you are used to; caution should be exercised in the gym even if you are an experienced weightlifter.

Curl bars in themselves come in many different varieties, shapes, and sizes. Each kind of curl bar can have different ergonomics which can suit a wide variety of gym goers. The curl bar has also been called the “EZ” bar in many weightlifting circles, which is a testament to the ease of use it gives nearly anyone who decides to lift a barbell with a curl bar. Curl bars, however, are still preferred by both beginners and professionals.

What on Earth is a Curl Bar?

The curl bar is a kind of barbell bar which has been shaped into a more ergonomic, zig-zag form. This new form can be more comfortable for both professionals and beginners to use than a straight bar. It will make performing all kinds of barbell exercises, such as curls and dead lifts, significantly easier.

Not every gym that has an Olympic barbell set will have a selection between straight barbell bars and curled ones. Gyms that do have curl bars will allow for a more flexible degree of barbell exercises depending on the people who use them. Beginners, however, may opt for the more ergonomic curl bar when given the chance.

Curl Bars Vs. Straight Bars

Both the straight and curled bars will offer their own advantages and disadvantages when used in a workout. Depending on your skill level or proficiency with home gym equipment, you may find that one or the other will give you the most benefits during a workout session. You can also try out both to find out which of the two is best for you.

Curl Bars:

The ergonomic, zig-zag pattern on the curl bar makes handling a barbell much easier on the hands and wrists than a straight bar, especially with exercises that need lots of repetitions. People with smaller hands or shorter fingers may also find that the unique, ergonomic curl of an EZ bar will be more comfortable to hold. A person is also offered a more firm grip on the bar; your limit should be reached when your muscles can no longer hold the weight of the barbell, not when your grip fails.

Straight Bars:

Nearly all gyms have a straight bar for their barbell set, whether it is for an Olympic barbell or otherwise. The fact that a straight bar is widespread means that anyone at a gym can perform barbell exercises. Straight bars are stock on most commercial and Olympic barbells. You might have to buy a curl bar separately when you buy a barbell set. Lifting heavier weights may actually be easier when using a straight bar regardless of your skill level or experience with barbells.

Some exercises may be more effective on the body when a straight bar is used, such as standing bicep curls.

Many professional or experienced weightlifters have found that a combination of both a straight and curl bar can be beneficial for gym use. The variety this combination offers allows your body to adapt to constant change, letting your muscles develop much faster in turn. Also, not everybody shares the same physiology, so there may be some occasions where a straight bar is more comfortable than a curl bar, or vice versa.

Buying Curl Bars

Much like ankle weights and dip stations, curl bars come in many different variations in order to cater to all kinds of gym goers. Each manufacturer on the market today may have a curl bar constructed much differently than the next, whether in shape or in building materials. Either way, this variety should make it easier for you to find a curl bar you will be most comfortable with.

Standard Curl Bars

All curl bars will have the distinctive zig-zag shape and ergonomics on them, but different variations may have different kinds of accessories on them. The a standard curl bar should have either butterfly fasteners or spin locks to secure the weight plates on both sides of the bar. The standard curl bar weighs about eleven pounds.

Super Curl Bars

This kind of curl bar may have more pronounced curves on the bar in order for users to try more varieties in grip styles. These should also weigh about the same as regular curl bars.

Olympic Curl Bars

Much like ones found on Olympic barbells, Olympic curl bars weigh about 15 – 20 pounds each. What makes them distinct from the first two kinds of curl bars is a sleeve with bearings inside of it, allowing the weight plates to spin freely as the barbell is lifted off the ground. An Olympic curl bar may also have special fasteners to secure the weight plates to the bar.

If you plan to buy a curl bar to go along with a set of dumbbells or barbells you already have at the house, you may find yourself with a new variety of exercises to try out on your next workout.