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A good dip station can be a place where you can exercise nearly every part of your lower body. Some people may also use the dip station to exercise the upper body, which is indeed a possibility for the gym goer who wants a complete workout. As a very diverse exercise machine, people who are also looking to build a set of home gym equipment will find that a dip station can be a rather economical addition. Most people would be aiming to get a dip station and a pull up bar, preferably portable if its for their home gym.

Dip stations can be as simple or as complicated as the ones you can find on the market. Some people have fabricated their own dip stations using a set of pipes, while others have opted for the fully adjustable, store-bought dip stations. Depending on your skill level and your need for additional features, you may find that a dip station of any kind will be a useful tool for your exercise and general wellness.

Best Selling Dip Stations

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What’s a Dip Station?

A dip station is an exercise machine which allows many varieties of exercises to be performed. Much like a set of dumbbells, a dip station is very diverse in the kinds of exercises it allows users to do; one may choose to perform everything from leg raises to pull-ups and press-ups. A full body workout is possible with a dip station.

Typical dip stations may be as simple as a bunch of pipes put together, or fully adjustable with many selectable height and width settings for a user to choose from. Most dip stations nowadays are light enough to be moved around a room without much effort, making them popular choices with people looking to start a home gym.

Dip stations which are made of durable steel are the most common kinds available. Components which are bolted or welded on to the durable base will allow users of any weight to lift themselves off the ground without much worry. The base area between the roll bars should allow users of any width to fit inside the dip station, too.

All high-end dip stations should also have pads on the backrest and armrests.

These pads are usually made with high-density foam. The backrest in particular may also be adjusted according to the user’s preference, allowing a degree of comfort while using a dip station for exercise.

More complex dip stations are rather heavy; many of them range from about a hundred or two pounds each. Simpler dip stations which are simply constructed with steel pipes can weigh much less, are more portable, but are less flexible to use than a fully-featured one. Know and assess your need for additional features before you decide to buy a dip station.

Exercising on a Dip Station

A dip station can have many features and settings which allow a user to exercise in many different ways. Should the dip station you are looking at have a great degree of adjustable features available on it, then you might be at a loss to think of all the possible ways you can exercise on it. Here are a few exercise ideas you can do on a dip station:


Dip stations are alternatively known as pull-up stations should they have provisions for a user to perform pull-ups on. A bar which allows the dip station to carry the weight of the user will allow users to build up their biceps and some back muscles.


The reason why the machine was called such in the first place; also known as upper body squats, dips will give you an ample workout on your chest, arms, shoulders and even your back muscles.

Knee raises

You can build strength in both your central body muscles and your legs with knee raises. These can be performed on a dip station, as you are able to elevate your legs off the ground by holding yourself up on the machine.

Buying a Proper Dip Station

Much like a Roman chair or a rower machine, a dip station can have many moving parts can easily malfunction in the event of faulty construction. User error also plays a big part in gym injuries, but to minimize the risk of any kind of accident, you should definitely look out for a quality dip station to exercise on.

Here are some aspects you should look for when buying a dip station:

Dip Station and Pull Up Bars

  • Dip stations can be more mechanically complex than a cheap barbell set with a curl bar. Make sure all the moving parts which lock in place do so securely, without much play and rattle between the parts.
  • Also make sure that the materials that the dip station is constructed with are also mechanically sound; a steel dip station which accumulates rust, corrosion or oxidation at a rapid rate should be avoided.
  • If safety and comfort are important aspects of home gym equipment that you look for in particular, then make sure all of the padding is soft to the touch.
  • If you are buying a dip station to complete a home gym setup, then make sure you have space at home for the machine to begin with.

A dip station can be a great way to compliment the use of other gym equipment with, such as before or after you perform dumbbell exercises. Others who prefer a dip station to be a stand-alone solution to their exercise problems may also like the dip station.

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