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Best Dumbbells Reviewed


So, why should you perform dumbbell exercises? Well, in addition to training the major muscle groups, dumbbell exercises also target a multitude of helping muscles too. These stabilizing muscles aren’t worked as often and so working these out will make all the more difference.

So, dumbbell exercises are more of a full body workout, which is contrary to doing circuit machines at a gym where each muscle group is trained individually. This is why dumbbell exercises are so great for working out the whole body at once, while not being afraid of overworking a specific muscle group.


In addition to fully working the body, dumbbell exercises don’t require very much equipment. All you need is one or two dumbbells and a flat bench to exercise on. These three items open up hundreds of options for you and you’ll be able to emphasize any major muscle group you want.

Dumbbells come in a huge range of sizes, colors and materials. You can really customize the dumbbell to fit your workout routine. The biggest factors to consider are fixed weight or adjustable weight where you can add more weights or take some off for different dumbbell exercises. See the best adjustable dumbbell reviews  here.


Before you attempt some dumbbell exercises, Best Barbells wants to remind you that you are not using a machine at the gym and you will have to maintain your own good positioning during the exercise. Also, remember that picking up and putting down the dumbbell is when you are at the most risk. Don’t unnecessarily injure yourself and always take it slow and read how to do an exercise thoroughly.

A big problem with dumbbell exercises, is that due to the fact that dumbbells don’t just focus on one muscle, it’s very tempting to cheat. When you cheat you put yourself at risk by doing things that make dumbbell exercises easier, but more risky.

For example, if you didn’t maintain a rigid upper body during bicep curls, but instead swayed to the front and back to create more momentum. That would be cheating and all it does it reduce the benefits and put you in danger of injury.

So, this is why you need to always perform dumbbell exercises correctly. Cheating doesn’t help you in the long run and when you’re sitting at home with a bad back you’ll think back to this article and wish you’d just done the dumbbell exercise properly. Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged to become the best you can at dumbbell exercises! Best of luck!