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Best Olympic Barbell Sets For Home Gyms

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You don’t have to be training for the Olympics in order to use an Olympic barbell set, whether at home or at the gym. Many people consider weightlifting to be a rather accomplishing pastime that boosts their body as much as their spirits. With an Olympic barbell set, you too can feel the burn, only without the rigorous training schedule and diet regimen an Olympic weightlifter must take before a competition.

The weights you use to complete an Olympic barbell set don’t even need to be Olympic in quality; a cheap barbell set will do for most people. Basic dumbbell exercises can even be done at home with the right equipment and mindset. An Olympic barbell set can even be used to complete all of your other home gym equipment you may have around. If you want to get the most out of weightlifting, then an Olympic barbell set may be for you.

What Makes an Olympic Barbell Set “Olympic”

You might not need an Olympic barbell set to get the most out of a workout, but it certainly helps. An Olympic barbell in particular will be more ergonomic and will have better quality than most other kinds of barbells. They will also have a more standardized way of adding or decreasing the amount of weight on the bar you lift up for every session. See our Guide on Olympic Color Coded “Barbell Plates“.

An barbell is composed of a long iron bar, which is typically four to seven feet long, and weights which are placed on both sides of this bar. Exercising with a barbell is done by holding the barbell with both hands and lifting it up in a variety of positions, depending on what part of the body you wish to exercise the most.

The Olympic barbell is seven feet long, and is typically made of a heavy-duty bar which ways about 45 pounds on its own. These bars can handle a total weight of about a ton. Despite the large amount of weight they are capable of holding, they are typically used for more basic exercises like bench presses and dead lifts. The weights which are placed on an Olympic barbell typically range in increments of five and ten, and start at about twenty pounds. Smaller versions of an Olympic barbell also exist, and may go along with a dip station or curl bar depending on the manufacturer of the barbell set.

Many home gym users will not require the use of an Olympic barbell set in particular. A standard barbell may suffice for a casual gym goer who wants to complete a set of home gym equipment. More hardcore gym goers, however, may find an Olympic barbell set to be more up to their standards.

Olympic Barbell Sets for Starters

Not everybody may be buying an Olympic barbell set for professional use. Even frequent gym goers may be alien to the concept of an Olympic barbell set, after all. If you plan to make the step up from a regular barbell set, then you should also be aware of the changes and limitations. Here are a few criteria you can follow for finding the best Olympic barbell set for you:

The grip of the barbell bar may affect your decision to buy an entire set. Many kinds of barbells have crosshatched patterns knurled on the areas which are gripped most often. These may help you get a better grip on a set of barbells, even if your hands are gloved.

If you are only starting out with weight lifting, then try to get an Olympic barbell set that includes an EZ curl bar. This kind of bar comes in a zig-zag shape which may be easier for beginners to lift up and hold for longer periods of time. Beginners may also benefit from the use of smaller bars so that they do not end up hurting themselves. As previously mentioned, the standard size for an Olympic barbell set is about seven feet; a smaller one may be easier for starters to lift up.

If you are planning on upgrading from a standard barbell set to an Olympic barbell set, then you may find that the weights you previously had on hand may be incompatible. Some Olympic barbell bars may be larger in diameter than standard size barbell bars.

The weight plates which can be attached to a barbell can also include additional safety features, such as a rubber covering. This rubber cover can soften the impact a barbell has on your floor; if you are starting out, you may find yourself dropping your barbell a lot.

Supplement the use of a barbell in conjunction with other gym equipment, such as a Roman chair or rower machine, to get the most out of a workout.

Taking Care When Using Olympic Barbells

Before using any kind of gym equipment, be sure you are trained to use them. Barbells in particular can be made to accept heavier weights; some of which may be too heavy for the less experienced to lift up. Lift Olympic barbells, and use other gym equipment, only within your abilities. Unless you have another person to spot you when giving it your all, know your limitations with any exercise machine.

A barbell set can be a welcome addition to your fitness regimen or collection of home gym equipment. When you know how to work out properly, an Olympic barbell set should help you increase your productivity while in the gym.


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