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Best Rowing Machine Reviews

A gym goer who enjoys boating may find that a rower machine will be a welcome addition to his exercise regimen. You don’t really need to enjoy rowing a boat to get the benefits of a rower machine, however, as it can allow you to build muscle and lose weight just the same as any other exercise machine. Both experienced rowers and casual gym goers alike can reap the rewards in fitness a rower machine has to offer.

There are quite a few kinds of rower machines a person has to choose from nowadays. Some rower machines may be very traditional and mechanical in nature, while others contain digital add-ons like LCD screens and heart rate monitors. It will all depend on your need and experience with exercise machines. Even if you think you won’t need one or the other now, you may end up finding additional features useful in the future.

What is a Rowing Machine?

A rower machine is an exercise machine designed to simulate the general motion of rowing a small boat. This simple action turns out to be a great exercise which helps develop many muscles of the body. This action is also relatively low impact, placing little to no stress on your knees, hips and ankles as you exercise.

The action of rowing a boat can involve lots of pushing and pulling. This means that a person can get a great workout on the upper parts of the body; namely, the shoulders, arms, back muscles, calves and even the thighs. Since more than one part of the body is exercised on this single machine, people looking for a diverse piece of home gym equipment to save space may choose a rower machine.

A rower machine also offers a good way to get a low-impact cardiovascular workout without having to go outdoors to jog. People who also have a treadmill, dip station or Roman chair at home may also find a rower machine to be a good way to get a thorough workout. Add an Olympic barbell into the mix, and you should be on your way to a much fitter, stronger body in no time at all.

Kinds of Rower Machines

As fitness and exercise technology continues to develop, more and more kinds of mechanisms have been fitted into the frame of a rower machine. Each of them can offer their own unique benefits to your workout regimen. One mechanism of action may not necessarily be better than the other, as each of them simply offer different ways for a person to work out on a rower machine.

Here are the most prevalent forms of rower machines on the market today:

Hydraulic Resistance

Also known as piston resistance, the arms of the rowing machine are attached to a set of hydraulic cylinders which provide the needed resistance when working out. The compact nature of a hydraulic mechanism means that the rower machine will be rather compact in turn, and may even fit in a closet when you choose to put it aside. Hydraulic rower machines aren’t a particularly realistic simulation of boat rowing, and the action can be rather rough.

Magnetic Resistance

Often thought to be a more realistic simulation of rowing a boat, magnetic rower machines utilize powerful magnets in the resistance mechanism. The amount of resistance on these magnetic rower machines can also be adjusted to your own comfort level. However, this kind of rowing machine can be rather large in appearance, so set aside a side of your room if you plan to use one to complete a set of home gym equipment.

Common rower machines of today may also come with a variety of accessories to make your workout even more interesting:

  • Adjustable resistance levels may only be available on some kinds of rowing machines, like the aforementioned magnetic resistance rower machines.
  • LCD screens on more advanced rowing machines may allow a user to view data such as their speed, distance, time, and the amount of calories burned during a workout session.

Some rowing machines may also have provisions that allow more than one kind of exercises to be performed.

What To Look For When Buying a Rowing Machine For Your Home Gym

The great variety a person now has to choose from when looking at rower machines can make the decision to purchase one rather tough. Here are a few things you should consider before buying one:

Rowing machines: What to Consider

  • Assess your budget. Quality rowing machines typically go for as low as $600 – $800.
  • Determine whether or not you really need one. If you feel you can accomplish the same amount of fitness gains with a set of cheap dumbbells, then reconsider your decision to purchase.
  • You may also have to assess the goals in fitness you wish to accomplish with a rower machine.
  • Will it be more beneficial to use a rower machine as opposed to other kinds of machines?

If you are set on buying a rower machine, try to check some out physically before buying. It will allow you to check the build quality, as well as the action of the mechanism, if you are allowed to test one.

Hopefully, your purchase of a brand new rower machine will allow you to get a great workout at home without being bothered by obnoxious gym goers. If you enjoy rowing a boat in the seasons that allow, then a rowing machine may be a perfect fit for your fitness regimen, too.