Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass

Do your shoulders need a little more meat on them? Bulk up, with the Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass. Your shoulders are actually one of the most heavily used muscles in the upper body. Some would even say that they are the single most widely utilized muscle of the upper body. That makes them very important for everyone, and especially for us- the bodybuilders. We’re constantly using our shoulders for barbell bench presses or when we go through the circuit machines at the gym. It’s an integral body part for any workout routine.

That’s not even taking into account our daily movements. They help you in almost every action you make during your day. With 360 degrees of motion the shoulders are an impressive piece of equipment that your machine has at its disposal. Not to mention, the aesthetic benefits which are incredible. A wide, solid pair of shoulders on the back of a bodybuilder can only be described as awe-inspiring and irresistible to the ladies.


I’m going to explain the basic parts of your shoulder, how to make it perform for you and then finally, I’m going to explain some of the Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass. I think it’s important to know the anatomy of your shoulder so you aren’t trying to work it incorrectly. For example, doing presses is very effective for working out the chest, however the shoulders are different. As you soon will discover, the shoulders are actually 3 minor groups of muscles. Each of these muscle groups need the attention they deserve if you want to turn those baseball shoulders into impressive bowling balls of raw mass.


The anterior head can be found on the front of your shoulder girdle. It is important for movement as well as turning inward, towards the body. In order to target this part of your shoulder, I recommend the Barbell Shoulder Press. The Barbell Shoulder Press, also known as the Barbell Military Press, is a classic that is sure to keep you coming back for more.


The middle head makes up the middle and side parts of your shoulder. They are responsible for the lateral upward movement that you make when you lift your arm up. Due to their involvement in lateral movement, I have to recommend the Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises are a simple exercise that just requires a pair of dumbbells. It’s harder than it looks, and twice as effective- trust me.


The posterior head works to extend the arm and to rotate the shoulder laterally. It makes up the back of your shoulder. In order to work this part of your shoulder, I recommend the Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise. Bent Over Dumbbell Raises are very similar to the Dumbbell Side Laterals, however you will be “bent-over” as the name suggests. This will move the workout to the posterior head of your shoulder and gives you a complete and balanced shoulder routine.


So, what should you take from this article in order to improve your shoulders? It’s simple. First off, check out each of the linked shoulder exercises to above. Instead of approaching your shoulders like your chest, you want to work all 3 parts of your shoulder in order to prevent imbalances and reduce the potential for injury by having a strong, balanced set of shoulders. Perfect form is a must and is important to prevent injury down the road as well as to maximize gains in mass. Stay tuned for additions to our ever-growing library of workouts. We’re planning on adding even more shoulder exercises so that we can improve the series Best Shoulder Workouts or Mass.

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