Bottoms Up for Abs Exercise Tutorial

The bottoms up is a great addition to your ab workouts, because its simple, effective and different than what a lot of people already do.

It combines the reverse crunch as well as the hip raise, so in that aspect it is innovative and fresh.

It’s also very simple to perform and can be done anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed.

Continue reading for our step by step explanation and short instructional video.


  • 1. Start by finding some flat, open space and, optionally, grabbing a padded exercise mat to make this exercise a more pleasant experience.
  • 2. Lie down flat with your legs and arms straight at your sides. You are now in the beginning position for this exercise.
  • 3. Next, to begin the exercise, tuck your knees inward, towards your chest. Flex your knees and hips during this movement to make sure you’re targeting the correct muscles. Now, extend your legs so that they are right above you, at about a 90 degree angle. They should be perpendicular to the floor.
  • 4. Finally, elevate and rotate your pelvis bone, so as to allow your butt to lift up off the ground. Hold this position for a second or two before returning your to beginning position.
  • 5. Repeat for your recommended number of repetitions.

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Variation: If this becomes too easy, skip the part that has you tuck in your knees. It will be harder lifting your fully extended legs up from the floor and as long as you are strong enough you won’t be putting any unneeded pressure on your lower back. Just make sure you are flexing your abs and not any other muscles.


Bottoms Up – Demonstration by Champ Akarawut put together by Fight Vision

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  1. […] The bottoms up ab exercise is a combination of the reverse crunch as well as the hip raise, which are both great exercises. However, the bottoms up offers a new way to get your ab workouts in, just in case you’re becoming tired of the everyday routine. […]

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