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Bowflex Adjustable Bench– SelectTech Bench Series 5.1 Review

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The Bowflex  SelectTech Bench Series 5.1is one of the most versatile workout benches on the market and will allow you perform hundreds of different exercises targeting countless muscle groups.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your body without an expensive gym membership, then this might be a great option for you.

Countless owners have preached about its versatility, sturdiness, and high level of comfort. It is also very easy to store away, and will only require a small amount of space to workout effectively. This workout bench is a steal for anyone serious about their fitness but for maximum satisfaction, there are some things you need to know about the 5.1 before you decide to buy.

Bowflex Adjustable Selecttech Bench Series 5.1

A brilliant bench for your Home Gym

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Bowflex Adjustable SelectTech Bench Series 5.1 Review

Product Features

The 5.1 isn’t your average workout bench, and is loaded with some pretty respectable features. With the 5.1 you will have the ability to turn any space into your very own weightlifting and training center. The dimensions for the bench are pretty typical at 56″ L x 26″ W x 20″ H (142.25 L x 66 W x 51 H cm), but there is a twist…

The Bowflex SelectTech Bench Series 5.1 has the capability of adjusting to six different positions, which allows for an almost unlimited range of versatility. The six positions allow you to perform exercises on a 17° decline, flat, 30° incline, 45° incline, 60° incline and even a 90° incline! As you will see in the exercises section, there are countless exercises you can perform with the 5.1 because of its unparalleled versatility. Because of the versatility with this popular Bowflex workout bench, you will be able to perform at least 30 different exercises which will target all primary muscle groups.

Despite all of the new fitness innovations that flood that market on a daily basis, it is still undeniably true that free-weight lifting continues to be the most popular technique for strength training at home. Free weights allow for quick strength gains and muscle development because each exercise targets several muscles within a single movement.

This is contrary to resistance machines, which tend to isolate certain muscles. The bench comes with a removable leg-hold-down brace, which can support decline exercises such as decline bench press, decline sit-ups, and even decline russian twists. In addition, the 5.1 workout bench also includes adjustable pads, grips, and bars to help reduce or guide movements to prevent any possibility of muscle, joint, or ligament damage.

Plus, from a single utility bench, a vast number of exercises can be performed. Whether it is focusing on the abdomen, arms, chest, or any other muscle group, a utility bench can help you maximize your strength training goals while minimizing your risk of personal injury.
Below, are some potential exercises you can use if you decide to purchase the Bowflex SelectTech Bench Series 5.1

Bowflex Adjustable Selecttech Bench Series 5.1

A brilliant bench for your Home Gym

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How can you work with SelectTech Bench Series 5.1

Chest exercises: since you can easily adjust the 5.1 to several different angles, you will be able to target every muscle of the chest including the upper, middle, and lower portions of the pecs. To target these muscle you can use flat, incline, and decline dumbbell bench press or dumbbell flies at all angles.

Shoulder exercises: by adjusting the bench to 90°, you will be able to perform countless shoulder exercises such as military press, Arnold presses, lateral raises, and front raises.

Back exercises: the 5.1 will also allow you to perform several back exercises that include single-arm dumbbells rows, double-arm rows, shrugs, and rear-delt raises to name only a few.

Arm exercises: everyone is looking to improve the look of their arms, and the SelectTech Adjustable Bench will allow you to do so. With the 5.1, you will be able to easily target both the triceps and biceps. Some tricep exercises include double-hand dumbbell overhead extensions, single-arm tricep kickbacks, and single-arm overhead extensions.

For the biceps you can perform traditional sitting curls at 90° or incline curls at 45°. You can also adjust the bench to flat, and perform single-arm isolation curls.

There are countless exercises you can use with the SelectTech Adjustable Bench 5.1, which will always keep your workouts lively and challenging at the same time…

I hope this SelectTech Bench Series 5.1 review was helpful. This bench is definitely for anyone looking to eliminate expensive gym memberships, and be able to effectively train from the comfort of your own home.

Bowflex Adjustable Selecttech Bench Series 5.1

A brilliant bench for your Home Gym

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Bowflex Adjustable Selecttech Bench Series 5.1

A highly versatile bench from a well respected brand. This is a very suitable bench to increase your home gyms range of exercises.

  • Very sturdy because of a heavy-duty steel design
  • The bench will naturally correct posture and allows for stabilization
  • Can easily be wheeled away into storage
  • You can use the 5.1 for six weeks, and still receive a full refund if you’re unsatisfied
  • 30-year warranty on the frame, and 1-year warranty on upholstery
  • You have to lift bench pretty high to move it
  • There are some limits when it comes to leg training, but you can effectively train the legs without the bench.
User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)
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