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There are many ways to decide on how to build the right home gym and buying the equipment that is best suited for home use, as well as your desired regime or physical outcome.

Common Types of Home Gym

Cardio based Gym

If you are not looking to build muscles but want to stay fit and want to have good endurance level. A gym with cardio equipment is best fit. A treadmill, cross trainer or stationary bikes are enough for the gym.

Weight training Beginner’s gym

In beginner’s gym, you may require multipurpose machine, which will help you control the trajectories of your movements. No fancy machine or heavy weight lifting equipment is necessary. You could also add a lat pull down.

Advanced gym for Body Building

This is like a mini version of fully equipped gym, which includes one or two aerobic machines, dumbbells, barbells, benches, and other accessories. Often such a huge gym set up may cost little more than above types but these are basic need for proper bodybuilding.

Before you decide what to buy for your home gym set a goal. With home gym, decide what goal you want to achieve. Your goal could be to lose weight or gain lean mass. Depending on your goal, you could design the setup of your home gym with in the given cost.

Home Gym Accessories

If your budget allows, buy few accessories like stretching mat, chair gym, special balls, and bands. It completely depends on your choice, but make sure the material used for making these accessories is durable and easy to transport.

Make sure you buy at least one aerobic machine.

Aerobic machines include treadmills, cross trainers, stationary bikes, and step climbers. Machine should be safe to use and should be sturdy to withstand intense movements. Check with supplier for technical features or test them before buying the machine.

Home Gym Strength Equipment

Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, strength training is the key. If you are beginner, get multipurpose machines, as they are easy to use. If you have some experience of how to perform exercise then buy equipment including dumbbells, barbells, plates of different weights and benches. In case of multipurpose, make sure they are properly certified and matches high safety standards. Take technical advice from the manufacturer before purchasing.

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