Cross-Arm Crunch

The Cross-Arm Crunch has the option of being performed with crossed arms on your chest, hands lightly placed on the back of your head, or hands placed on the sides of your head. It’s up to you, just make sure not to utilize your neck muscles during this exercise. That would lower the effectiveness of this isolationist exercise as well as increase chance of neck strain and injury. When properly performed, this crunch will build strength in your abdominals and can help you get those six pack abs when done in addition to the other workouts found at Best Ab Workouts and Ab Exercises & The Best Crunches & Sit Ups for Six Pack Abs.


1. To begin, grab a padded exercise mat and find some open space on the floor.

2. Lie down on the exercise mat flat on your back. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle and/or until your feet are flat against the floor.

3. Now, pick your hand positioning. Many say that crossing your arms across your chest is the best and safest method, but as long as you don’t strain your neck you can just as effectively perform your crunches with hands lightly placed on the back of your neck or against the sides of your head. Tip: Be sure not to lock your fingers together behind your neck.

4. Push down into the floor using your lower back while flexing your abs. Breathe out and lift your shoulders off the ground about four or so inches. Make sure your lower back isn’t lifting off the floor. When you reach the highest point of the crunch, flex your abs and hold this position for a second. Tip: Make sure to remember- “Quality over Quantity”. You will simply cheat yourself out of gains by doing crunches quickly, because your momentum will carry you and make them easier. Slow, focused reps are the only way to truly make these an effective workout.

5. After you have held the peak of your crunch for a second, slowly allow your body to return to the starting position while you take a breathe.

6. Continue your crunches for 2-4 sets of 25-30 reps each. Adjust your sets and reps to fit in with your current ab workouts. You may do less if you are performing many of the other ab exercises found at Best Ab Workouts and Ab Exercises & The Best Crunches & Sit Ups for Six Pack Abs.


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