Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raise

This is the final shoulder exercise we mentioned in Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass, but don’t worry we’ll be adding more in the future so you can keep varying your workout routines. If you haven’t read Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass yet, we recommend that you do so first. You’ll gain a better understanding of why it’s important to use this exercise and others to build a balanced and massive pair of shoulders. If you’re ready to move on though, let’s get started with the Dumbbell Bent Over Lateral Raise.

The dumbbell bent over lateral raise can be performed a variety of ways.

For example, it can done sitting down, with a cable machine, standing up (and bent over), and even leaning onto a solid object, such as an inclined bench.

However, for our purposes, we’ll be explaining in detail the simplest version- standing up and bending over, because this requires the least amount of equipment and can truly be done anywhere with ample space and a pair of dumbbells. If you want to try the other variations, please do so, but remember to apply the same basic form and discipline for all variations of the dumbbell bent over lateral raise.



  • 1. Stand up with a dumbbell in each hand. Your grip should be pronated with palms facing down. Your back should be straight.
  • 2. Now, from the previous position, bend forward until your back is parallel to the floor. Let your arms hang out in front of you, perpendicular to the floor, and put your palms facing each other. This is the position you will begin the shoulder exercise in.
  • 3. Next, in order to perform the dumbbell bent over lateral raise, you will need to maintain a stable upper body. This means no movement other than your arms. Now, slightly bend your elbows and lift each dumbbell up at the same time. Keep lifting until your arms are both parallel to the floor. Breathe out during this portion of the shoulder exercise.
  • 4. Hold the highest point of the raise and then allow your arms to lower back down to the perpendicular position they started in.
  • 5. Continue for your prescribed number of repetitions and be sure to add other shoulder exercises such as the dumbbell side lateral raise and the barbell shoulder press to your workout routine.

Those shoulder exercises will give you a complete workout of all 3 muscle groups located in the shoulder and can get you massive gains.


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