Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise

Did you check out Best Shoulder Workouts for Mass yet? I recommend that you get all the necessary info from that article first, before reading this one. It will give you a better understanding of why this exercise is important for a balanced, healthy and most importantly massive set of shoulders. It also has links to the other forearm workouts for mass. However, if you’re prepared for Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises, let’s not waste anymore time.

The dumbbell side lateral raise is an amazing shoulder exercise for your Middle Head, or central area of the shoulder. That is the part of the shoulder responsible for lateral upward motion, which is exactly why we’re doing side lateral raises- it creates the exact movement that your Middle Head controls. Plus, it’s an easy exercise to do and understand.

Just grab your favorite pair of dumbbells and let’s get started.


  • 1. Find an empty area with ample room to either side. You’ll also need 2 dumbbells of equal weights in order to maintain a balanced workout for each shoulder.
  • 2. Start by picking up the dumbbells and standing straight, without any bending of your back or upper body. The dumbbells should be at your side, with your arms fully extended. The palms should be facing inward, towards your body. This is the position you will start each rep in.
  • 3. To perform the dumbbell side lateral raise you will need to make sure not to bend your torso during the exercise. This means no swinging of the body, as this takes away from the effectiveness of the shoulder exercise.
  • 4. Next, once firmly planted and stable, use your arms to lift up the dumbbells until your arms are parallel to the floor. During this movement, create a slight bend at the elbows and tilt the hands a bit forward. Imagine you are holding a cup and are tilting the cup forward to pour out the liquid inside. Also, be sure to breathe out during this part of the dumbbell side lateral raise. And, in order to achieve maximum gains, make sure to hold the dumbbells at the peak position for a second.
  • 5. Keep going for your prescribed number of reps, and be sure to do other shoulder exercises (like the barbell shoulder press and dumbbell bent over lateral raise) that target the other areas of your shoulder. Perform them all in equal numbers so that you maintain a balanced group of muscles.


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