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Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System Review

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I’ve recently wrote about the high quality adjustable bench from the Ironmaster and today I want to present you with an additional excellent item from exactly the same manufacturer which will significantly complement the Ironmaster bench but can also be utilized without it.

Among the many adjustable dumbbells that are being sold, this one gets some of the the best customer ratings. Ironmaster adjustable dumbells are somewhat different from other comparable systems, with numerous pluses and just a few downsides.

The Ironmaster Dumbbells is the most recent range from a long line from this manufacturer to hit the marketplace. These types of dumbbells are well recognized for being extremely versatile and easy to adjust. You should have the ability to get the ultimate workout you’ll need with this system.

The Ironmaster Dumbbell set is one the best recommended dumbbells that are suitable for super hand workouts. The dumbells have extensive flat inner and stable collars with a flat head that is solid. With the assistance of quick-lock pins which enables them to be very comfortable to handle, makes Ironmasters quite distinctive from other archaic dumbbells.

The cost for these sets might not seem especially cheap, but when you think about the versatility you get from the system it shows that it is in fact pretty price effective. The totally adjustable dumbbells offer the user 30 pairs of dumbbells combined into 1 product. This really is also extremely helpful if you do not have much room to function in as you do not have to physically have 30 pairs of dumbbells sitting about to use.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

How does The Ironmaster Dumbbell Systems Work?

The Ironmaster Dumbbells utilizes a unique style known as the quick-lock handle method. This enables you to add and eliminate plates with ease and just partly turning the screws that lock the plates in location. You will then be able to adjust the weight from the dumbbells from a minimum of five pounds to a maximum of 75 pounds. This can all be carried out with little increments of 2.5 pounds at a time meaning you are able to improve weight gradually as you improve muscle strength if you are under dumbell training.

The dumbbells will also feel extremely secure and sturdy all through your workout. The dumbbells lock tightly together so will not really feel loose whilst you lift them. Above all, they are comfy which is essential, particularly as the weight increases on them.  There are lots of very positive reviews for this item and some of the comments towards the system were geared towards the versatility and durability from the dumbbells and stand supplied.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Ironmaster Dumbbells – Features and Specifications

  • Ironmaster Dumbbells Shipping Weight: 158 pounds
  • Quick lock design that is adjustable for various weights
  • The ironmaster 75 lb quick lock adjustable dumbbell has chrome plated handles
  • They have limited lifetime warranty
  • Hyperspace minimization, they take less than 2 square feet
  • Heavy duty construction with welded steel
  • Two dumbbells of 75 lbs. each
  • Rack and exercise poster

The customers on Amazon who have given a review for these dumbbells have given it an average 4.9 of 5 stars rating.

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Why Choose Ironmaster Dumbbells?

A big distinction in between these and other adjustables is the fact that the bar is only as wide because of the weights you’re using. This makes a huge difference in sustaining good form, not to mention the ease of resting on your thighs when working with heavier weights. Cosmetically, they are very appealing. They look even much better than in the photos. The square shape is a big plus in my opinion, especially fantastic for setting down on the floor. There is absolutely no rattle, shifting or movement from the weights as soon as tightened. And once tightened, it ain’t coming off until you take it off. It’s a remarkably easy but ingenious style.

  • Ironmaster  fast lock adjustable dumbbell is well produced;
  • Not long as PowerBlocks, ironmaster  quick lock adjustable dumbbell does not have awkward pillars to stick your hand between;
  • No rattling of plates when utilizing ironmaster  fast lock adjustable dumbbell;

  • Changing of plates takes slightly longer compared to PowerBlocks;
  • No locking mechanism for the screw in pins;

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

Ironmaster Dumbbells Reviews

The Ironmaster Dumbbells system has outstanding functions that make it popular to users and reviewers who have purchased the product. This item will significantly enhance your workouts according to some users.

The majority of reviewers praised the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells for being well-made and better than conventional feeling and looking dumbbells, quick and easy change of weights. Numerous more users commended these and state that they were happy in buying them, highlighting benefits such as no clinking noises, and saves space.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “The very best way to go, in my opinion”
  • “Dumbbell extraordinaire”
  • “The best dumbbells!”
  • “The best adjustable dumbells”
  • “One of my best purchases of any type”
  • “Simply the Best and closest to your local gym dumbbell”
  • “If you train heavy, you’ve got to have them…”

Any complaints?

However, even though the Ironmaster Dumbbells system have received great critiques, there had been a couple of users who were a little dissatisfied using the item saying that it takes longer to alter and its annoying with no locking mechanism. Although these were just minor drawback of these adjustable dumbbell,s and these same reviewers still loved this product much more than what they expected in the end and had been totally happy.

Ironmaster Dumbbells Conclusion Buy Or Not?

You can buy this Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbell system  from Amazon. As with most other home gyms equipment, I found Amazon.com to have the very best price on this one.

The Ironmaster Dumbbells System is an heavy-duty, tough, easy to use, and flexible product that will definitely increase your workout, whether it is lighting muscle toning workouts or a extreme heavy lifting. It has got some exceptional features and a particular great investment in your home gym set up, and that I recommend it as a good buy if you are looking at the upper range of adjustable dumbbells and looking to minimise gym space usage. in addition, the online reviews are incredibly good and  I would highly recommend Ironmaster Hand weights.

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System

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9.7 Total Score
Best Adjustable Free Weight Dumbbells On The Market

An excellent adjustable dumbbell system loved by reviewers.

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