What is a Kettlebell Snatch?

The kettlebell snatch is a variation of the kettlebell swing. When the kettlebell rises above the head, the kettlebell is flipped at the end. This puts the kettlebell behind your hand so it is resting on your knuckles. The arm should be fully erect and your fully body straight. The kettle bell is the highest point on your body and is allowed to hang from your hand. Also read: Best Kettlebell Exercises.

How to do the Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell swing starts the same way you want to start a kettlebell snatch.

  • Now, as the kettlebell is swinging upwards, let is rise above your head and then perform a corkscrew or twist of the hand so that the kettlebell does a flip above the hand. This should be a continuous motion- no stopping or adjusting which is why this is a more advanced technique.
  • As you reach the apex of this exercise, your fingers can be opened or can be left closed surrounding the handle. The movement can be related to slipping on a glove when at the top position.
  • As with the kettlebell swing, the movement needs to come from the hips and not from the arms as you may naturally want to. That piece of information is integral to correctly completing a kettlebell snatch.
  • The resting position is with your elbows locked and your shoulders packed.

In order to do another kettlebell snatch, you can lower the arms with a couple of techniques.

The first technique is like a kettlebell swing. Just allow the kettlebell to swing over the hand and in between the legs.

The other, more complicated, method involves another twist of the hand and a rotation of the whole arm in a reverse corkscrew. This is to the inside of your body and the kettlebell will fall then swing backwards in order to come up from the bottom.

There are many more variants such as power snatches with two kettlebells, bottoms up where the kettlebell is snatched, but with the bottom of the kettlebell facing upward and there are even snatches performed on elevated platforms so you can get a more intense squat.

This is the next step though, after mastering the basic kettlebell swing Best Barbells challenges you to up your game!

Want to see a great example of a kettlebell snatch? Just watch the video below, it is basic, but offers some necessary visuals for a beginner.

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