Landmine 180’s – Russian Twist

Landmine 180’s are a definite winner that you should be doing during your ab workouts. If you’re coming from Best Ab Workouts & Ab Exercises then you already know that this is a functional, and incredibly effective exercise that will develop strength throughout your entire core. In addition to the abdominals, you will be exercising your lower back, glutes and shoulders.

We recommend the use of a landmine if available, but if you don’t have this product, then you can simply place a barbell in the corner of a room and get the same results.

Just be careful your equipment is properly set up and secured before starting, so as to prevent damage to the equipment or injury to yourself. This is a fun, innovative and easy to perform ab exercise with outstanding results. Grab your favorite barbell and/or landmine and prepare to get shredded.


  • 1. To begin, you’ll need to setup your landmine with the proper weight and with the rod securely placed in it. Alternatively, use your barbell in the corner of a room. Make sure it is properly secured and the weight is how you want it.
  • 2. Lift up the bar to about shoulder height using both hands and with extended arms out in front of you. Position yourself, so that you have a wide distance between your legs. This is how you will begin your Landmine 180’s.
  • 3. In order to perform this ab exercise, you will use the trunk and hips to swing the weighted rod from side to side. You should completely swing the rod down to one side, keeping your arms extended and holding it for a second to intensify the burn.
  • 4. Once you have swung completely to one side, return to the starting position, but keep going until you have reached the other side. When you have completed a full swing on the other side, return to the starting position, passing by it, and continuing back to the other side.
  • 5. Continue performing your ab exercises until your set is complete. Be sure to balance reps for either side, so as to emphasize each side of your core equally.


Video and Featured Image from Buff Dudes

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