Lower Back Exercises – Deficit Deadlift

Benefits of a Strong Lower Back

Having a strong lower back is very important for bodybuilders. This is because the lower back is very vulnerable when doing certain exercises and so safety is important. It makes sense that the stronger your lower back is the less likely you will be to sustain injury and it will help you lift more, heavier weights and perform your bodybuilding workout the way you want to: safely and while getting massive gains in size and strength. So, that is why Best Barbells is offering this series on lower back exercises, because we want you lifting into your golden years and maintaining freedom to move as you want to. So, on that note, let’s get lifting!

Deficit Barbell Deadlift

These lower back exercises are a powerlifting workout which will put emphasis on the lower back, obviously, as well as the traps, quads, middle back area, hamstrings, forearms and glutes. Grab your favorite barbell and be prepared to perform this mid-level workout.

Step By Step Instructions – Deficit Deadlift

  • To start off, find a platform or a stack of weight plates for you to stand on while performing these lower back exercises. Try to create a platform of approximately 2 or 3 inches high.
  • Walk up to the bar (stand on the platform you made earlier), centering it over your feet and spreading your stance to about as wide as your hips.
  • Next, bend down to grab the bar with your arms, spreading them about the width of your shoulders. Make sure you are letting your shoulder blades protract as well. As far as grip positioning is concerned, for heavier weight sets, it is common to use an over/under grip or overhand grip.
  • Now that your grip and feet are properly placed, inhale deeply and then bend your knees (lowering your hips as well) until the point that your shins hit the barbell.
  • Now, look straight ahead, keeping your back arched and chest up, and push your heels into the floor so that you move the weight up.
  • Once the bar is above your knees, pull the bar back into you with an aggressive motion and pull the shoulder blades together while punching your hips forward into the barbell.
  • Finally, you can end the motion by lowering the bar, bending at the hips and slowly bringing the barbell back to the ground.

Instructional Video – Deficit Deadlift

Featured Image and Guide: Unity Gym

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