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Pilates vs Yoga – Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and pilates lovers defend their preferred exercise with a fanatic disposition and with claims that don’t really tell the truth about yoga and pilates. The reality is that science has been used to truly understand the difference between yoga and pilates which has led to this article. Keep reading if you want to know what’s what in the world of Pilates vs Yoga.

Cardiovascular Benefits (a.k.a. Heart Health)

Pilates: Pilates offers a great burn and muscle strengthening opportunity but the truth is that very little cardio is taking place. You can compare most common pilates classes to a slow walk when it comes to getting up your heart rate. However, if you are hardcore, a more elite class could easily get you up to the level of speed walking which isn’t bad at all.

Yoga: Hatha yoga, like basic pilates, can really be compared to a slow walk with little to no health benefits for your heart. On the other hand, power yoga can get the job done with some exercises being able to be compared to speed walking.

Verdict: Yoga and pilates, at the beginner level, both offer virtually no cardiovascular benefits with workouts being compared to slow walking, but when advanced and more challenging actions are performed then yoga and pilates can both reach heart benefits akin to speed walking. In other words, it’s a tie.

Weight Loss – Burning Calories

Pilates: For this test, we looked at an average 50 minute beginner pilates class as well as a more rigorous course. We found that around 170 calories were burned in the beginner class and that 250-400 calories were burned in the advanced session. So, these somewhat disappointing numbers led us to the conclusion that a 4 day a week, advanced and 40 minute up to an hour long session is what it would take if you wanted to lose weight or maintain your current one. Sorry guys.

Yoga: So, for yoga we also examined a 50 minute class (hatha) and found there to be an average of 150 calories being burned. This was compared to a power yoga class in which that average came up to around 245. So, we decided that if you want to lose weight then you should switch to a more intense workout like running/jogging (the same 50 minutes of jogging will shave off 550 calories!). Finally, for whatever reason, it seems like people who perform yoga frequently are, on average, less likely to gain weight later in life.

Verdict: Purely on a numbers level, the difference between yoga and pilates is clear. Pilates is the better workout with higher averages of calories burned, however if we look at the exercises for their results- it appears that yoga users are known to be thinner and healthier than those who don’t do yoga. Perhaps yoga encourages a bigger lifestyle and mental change than pilates? Who knows, but when it comes to yoga vs pilates we’re going to have to go with Pilates on this one.

Strength and Flexibility of the Body

Pilates: You can go ahead and wave goodbye to your daily dose of ab crunches. Pilates are much better at building abdominal strength, as much as 300% to be exact, than your everyday crunch. Also, the flexibility throughout your body should increase, simply because of the nature of these workouts, so expect your back, hip and hamstrings to feel better and more limber.

Yoga: It was discovered during a recent study that by week 8 of performing yoga a few times a week everyone had boosted their flexibility by 25%! Additionally, they were able to perform 6 more push ups and 15 more curl ups.

Verdict: When it comes to pilates vs yoga, pilates are the clear winner for ab workouts. However, yoga is the better choice when it comes to becoming more flexible. If you know anything about yoga you would know that some of those poses get very crazy and require insane amounts of flexibility to perform.

Other, Bonus Benefits

Pilates: Some people may have led you to believe that your muscles will grow longer doing pilates, which simply isn’t possible. However, it will make your back and abs stronger which may improve your posture and thus make you appear taller. In addition, your improved flexibility will give way to improved posture as well as a leaner, taller you.

Yoga: Everyone who does yoga has probably heard of “reaching inner peace”. It is a scientific fact that yoga often reduces levels of stress hormone (cortisol) in as little as one class. Also, yoga is known to lower the reoccurrence of hot flashes up to 30% and it even improves your back and can help with arthritis.

Verdict: Best Barbells leaves the final decision of pilates vs yoga up to you. It all depends on what you are looking for in the end. Which bonus benefits stand out as clear winners to you because of medical conditions, lifestyle or goals? You decide, and go ahead and let us know in a comment below.

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