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Long Distance Walking Lunges

The idea of performing walking lunges (maybe even adding some weight) is a simple concept. However, we’re going to increase the intensity of these lunges and really focus on your quadriceps for this addition to your quad workouts. To do this, we recommend that you perform these for up to a mile. Really. Try to go a few hundred meters or around a track. You’re going to feel the burn, but get into a rhythm and don’t take any breaks. Just one foot in front of the other until you reach your goal. It’s going to burn, but that’s a good thing. Test your mental endurance and physical ability with this one. Really go all out. It’s a combination of cardio and bodybuilding, so it’s the perfect situation. Just don’t do this if you plan to do anything physical the next day. You’re going to be sore.

  • 1. Find a good place to lunge. This can be anywhere: a track, sidewalk, park, field, etc. Just make sure you have lots of space and a limited number of obstacles so you don’t have to stop and work back into the exercise from rest.
  • 2. Now, grab your optional weights. This can be a weighted vest or dumbbells in each hand. This is for more advanced bodybuilder, because you’re going to have to work through arm soreness as well as intense burn in your quadriceps. If you’re up to it though, we can do nothing but recommend the extra challenge. The only precaution you should take is not to use too much weight due to an increased chance of back injury with heavy weights.
  • 3. To begin, drop down into your lunge by bending your knee and placing it in front of you. Your knee shouldn’t be over your toes and the knee should be at a 90 degree angle. In addition, your back should be completely straight.
  • 4. Next, bring your back leg up to the front one. You should now be in a standing position.
  • 5. Finally, quickly repeat step 3 with the opposite leg. You should now be in the same 90 degree knee position, but with your other leg. Simply repeat these motions, alternating legs and making sure to meet in the middle in between reps.


Instructional Video – Long Distance Walking Lunges

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