Smith Machine Deadlift


This strength building deadlift workout is going to emphasize your hamstrings, lower back and glutes. Remember, this exercise specifically requires barbells and a machine (hence the name Smith Machine Deadlift).

This exercise is not recommended for someone with lower back problems, because it works this area relatively intensely.

It is a great exercise though and also it is a relatively easy workout to perform, just pay attention to form as you should do with all of your bodybuilding workouts and if you haven’t read our previous article, Deadlifts, then make sure to brush up on your basic deadlift form first.

You are going to experience an amazing workout if done correctly, because the lower back, hamstrings and glutes are practically designed to be used together and in this way the smith machine deadlift is going to be a very natural movement that once mastered will be a great addition to any deadlift workouts you perform.


  • 1. First, place your barbell onto the smith machine at a height which is about at your middle thigh area. After getting the barbell correctly placed and you have placed your weights onto the sides you can begin. Grab ahold of the bar with a grip that puts your palms forward (pronated grip) and separate your hands to about the width of your shoulders. If you feel that you are using a lot of weight, then Best Barbells recommends the use of wrist straps for a safer smith machine deadlift.
  • 2. Now, bring the bar up with your fully extended arms. Make sure that you keep your back straight and are standing upright with your legs spread to shoulder width or slightly narrower. Your knees ought to be a little bent as well. This stance is the beginning position.
  • 3. Maintain solid knees, preventing any swaying during the smith machine deadlift. Now, let the barbell lower down to the top of your feet by bending your waist. Be sure to keep a straight back during this part of the exercise, failure to use proper form can lead to lower back injury. Now, continue to move forward like you are reaching to pick something up from the floor. Keep going until your hamstrings are being stretched out and be sure to breathe out during this section of the workout.
  • 4. Next, lift your torso straight upward again as your hamstrings are stretching. Do this by extending your waist and hips until you return to the beginning positioning. Breathe in during this part of the smith machine deadlift.
  • 5. Finally, keep repeating the above steps until your set is complete. Remember, quality over quantity.


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