What is a Dumbbell

You may have heard of dumbbells in the past, but can you really answer the question, “What is a dumbbell?”. A dumbbell is a building block when it comes to fitness equipment and weight training. It’s definitely an item you want in your home. Most examples are just a piece of molded metal or rubber that are held in the lifter’s hand. Similarly to barbells, some high-end types of dumbbells come with adjustable weights. This weight resists the lifter and helps to construct muscle throughout the upper body as reps are performed.

History of Dumbbells

Looking back through history, dumbbells emerged among the first types of exercise equipment created by people. It is sometimes dated to have been made as long ago as a millennium. This classic tool is still widespread in its use today, but some gyms are slowly putting fixed weight machines, resistance bands and other, more modern types of weight training equipment, in the place of dumbbells. These new-age pieces of hardware sometimes have advantages over traditional training methods that dumbbells use, but despite this, dumbbells should not be forgotten so easily as they can still provide great workouts.

So, what is a dumbbell and how did it get it’s name? The word “dumb-bell” originates from Tudor England where church bells were lifted in order to workout and gain muscle. Later, equipment made out of metal was created and they were deemed “dumb bells”. The name fit, because the bells didn’t make any noise when used, so they were “dumb” or too dumb to make any sound.

Adjustable Dumbbell Weights and Hexagonal Dumbbells

Besides adjustable dumbbell weights, there have been other new innovations made to dumbbells in the recent past. Hexagonal dumbbells are molded with hexagons on the ends that stop them from rolling away when put down. This is better than the original round design, because it stops heavy weights from simply rolling around, which could potentially be dangerous as you may have been able to deduce.

What is a Dumbbell; Compared to a Barbell

It is common for this type of hardware to be employed by body-builders who want to gain a lot of upper body definition and strength. It is similar to a barbell, which is like a dumbbell, except with heavier weights and a much longer bar. With barbells you would lift both of your hands at the same time, but with dumbbells you would do reps individually and work out each arm at different times. There are certain exercises where you would work both arms at the same time while using a dumbbell- such as dumbbell bench presses as show in the picture or dumbbell rows -however this is not the traditional way they are used.

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