What is CrossFit? Workout of the Day (WOD)

Intro to CrossFit

If you’re in the world of bodybuilding or have any friends who are gym-goers then you have probably heard of CrossFit. The sheer popularity of this sport has led to a legacy that can cause excitement or fear depending on your level of fitness. And then there are those who look with vehement eyes at CrossFitters. This is a minority though, because CrossFit is constantly growing in popularity and with this much attention it has to be doing something right.

I think that a large part of CrossFit’s constantly expanding group of members is because of people like Heather Welsh or Marcus Hendren who are incredibly high level athletes. They perform barbell squats, presses and cleans with ease and incredible skill. It is the commitment and obvious skill of high level participants like these that keep many CrossFitters going.

It doesn’t matter if you’re minutes away from signing up for a class or just slightly intrigued, the following information is going to help you to understand how to enter the world of CrossFit. There is actually a lot more to CrossFit than you may currently think and as a result we recommend you keep reading before heading down to your local Crossfit gym and trying a hand at the kipping dips. So, without further ado, let’s answer your question- “What is CrossFit?”.

What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is a system of fitness which was created by Coach Greg Glassman. CrossFit’s purpose is to assist people to achieve an “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. In other words, CrossFit is meant to increase your level of skill across a wide range of fitness areas. For example, you may not be the single strongest person on Earth, but you may be the most well rounded- faster, stronger and more capable of many different kinds of actions.

If you are planning on taking a class, you can expect a WOD which stand for “workout of the day”. WOD’s will consist of a met-con or “Metabolic Conditioning Session”. During this met-con you won’t know what to expect. It can range from 400s to pull-ups or bodybuilding workouts like the kettlebell swing. In any case, you will be doing as many reps as you can in as little time as possible. If you stick with it, CrossFit goes beyond this type of workout and should teach you how to do complicated compound lifts as well as Olympic style deadlifts. It should hopefully improve your techniques in some difficult to understand areas of the bodybuilding world, but remember that CrossFit boxes differ in quality and routine.

If this article peaked your interest, stay tuned for more information in the future on CrossFit and it’s controversial legacy.

Example of a WOD “Workout of the Day” at a CrossFit Box

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