Pilates Spiritual

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates, a child who was plagued by illness and a weak body.

Joseph Pilates wanted to get better and become stronger, so he created pilates in order to become healthier.

He is said to have been influenced by yoga, Zen philosophy and other exercises which were developed by the Romans as well as the Greeks.

It was during his time interned in England in World War One that Pilates shared his exercises with his fellow Germans at the camp. These exercises proved very useful in staying healthy and it was through these impromptu lessons that Joseph Pilates advanced his methods and created floor/mat variations of his original exercises. He began to answer the question, “What is pilates?”. It was these original exercises learnt at Joseph Pilate’s camp that have evolved into what we now know as the popular exercise- pilates.


It’s a sequence of exercises that are meant to increase flexibility and muscle all by stretching and balancing the movement of the body.

Pilates is very popular among dancers due to the fact that pilates increases flexibility without increasing the mass of muscles. There are many other sports stars, celebs and models who do pilates in order to reap their benefits. With the increased flexibility, it is said that you will suffer less injuries and your overall posture will be better. This exercise works from the inside out by strengthening the body and shaping it using simple techniques. In addition, a certain level of mental or mind awakening occurs in which people who perform pilates say that they feel less anxious and are less stressed. Compare Pilates to Yoga.

It is also common for your chiropractor to recommend you pilates because they will make your back and spinal area stronger through these gentle exercises. If you perform pilates regularly it is not uncommon to notice better range of motion and better usability of the joints as well as toned stomach, thin waist/thighs and better circulation.

Contrary to bodybuilding, pilates are a very gentle exercise that lack bouncing or muscle strain. It is great for people going through rehab or physical therapy and is very good for older people or people who weigh too much to perform other kinds of exercise. In addition, pilates even has been known to prevent osteoporosis.

The final group that pilates is famous for helping is women who have just given birth, because it will gently shape the body and the abdominal area can be emphasized easily during your workout. So, overall it’s a fully body, relaxing and mind-altering exercise that is becoming more and more popular. Is it for you? Or are you more the bodybuilding type?